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PESTTERV is one of the leading planning companies with the most significant professional past in spatial and urban planning or territorial and urban development

Our staff consists of planners and chief planners with long years or decades of professional experience in the field of urban architectural, spatial planning and urban development, nature conservation, landscape and environment protection, geographical information services, and planning of transportation networks. Our planning company has been operating in this frame since 1994.

Although PESTTERV makes plans for several territories in Hungary, a substantial part of its projects is taken up by regional and urban level physical and development plans made for the territories in the central region.

The planning principles of PESTTERV are: high standards, professionalism, partnership, cooperation and accuracy.


The main scope of the activity of PESTTERV is:

  • Territorial and environmental researches
  • Territorial planning
  • Environmental planning
  • Town planning
  • Consultancy
  • Planning related geographical information services


For more information about our company dowload our presetation pdf below:

PESTTERV Pest megyei Terület-, Település-, Környezet Tervező és Tanácsadó Kft.

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1085 Budapest, Kőfaragó u. 9.


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